Doctor checking patient's heart rate with a stethoscope

Physical Evaluation

What can I expect at a surveillance physical evaluation?

The physical examination is similar to any that you’ve had with your personal medical doctor.  First, your vital signs (blood pressure, pulse) will be checked by one of our medical assistants.  Next, our practitioner will look at your eyes and ears, listen to your heart and lungs, examine your abdomen, and check your extremities for strength and coordination.


Respirator Evaluations

Why do I need a medical evaluation to wear a respirator?

Wearing a respirator can stress your body.  Cal-OSHA requires that workers who wear respirators undergo medical evaluations.  A medical evaluation can help ensure that your heart and lungs are ready to safely wear a respirator.


What it is included in a medical evaluation?  

A typical medical evaluation includes filling out a health questionnaire, having a clothed physical examination, breathing test (spirometry), and hearing test (audiometry).  Blood tests are also commonly done.


What should I expect at my appointment?

When you arrive for your appointment, you will meet our staff who will guide you through each step of the exam process.  Our practitioner will be able to answer any of your questions about the testing process or questions about test results.  Shortly after your evaluation, your results will be reviewed by our physician and you will receive a clearance letter summarizing the results.  You are welcome to call our office with questions at any point during the evaluation process and we will be happy to discuss them.


How do I learn more about safely wearing a respirator?

NIOSH Workplace Safety and Health topics: Respirators

Cal-OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard