Karisa Gold

Karisa Gold portrait

Position Title
Records Analyst II

  • UC Davis Medical Surveillance
1616 DaVinci Court

I have been part of the Medical Surveillance team since 2015. I started out as the primary patient care coordinator for CAL-FIRE, which I was responsible for processing over 2,600 results a year. I took great pride in ensuring that all results are processed timely and accurately. In early 2018 I transitioned into a new role where I serve in more of a financial and contracts analyst capacity. I still enjoy going out into the field and working with patients as a spirometry and audiometry technician. I am NIOSH-certified for pulmonary lung function testing and CAOHC-certified as a Hearing Conservationist. 

After working in emergency services as a Public Safety Dispatcher for almost 10 years, I truly understand the importance of ensuring public safety employees are healthy and safe in the field and really enjoy the work we do in the Medical Surveillance Program.